Our Worship Services

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Overview of Living Earth Rituals and Practices

Living Earth offers alternative, Earth honoring, inclusive religious services. For those not familiar, here is an overview of our church's way of expressing our beliefs.

    • We include individual participation because we believe we all have equal access to the Divine; clergy is not necessary to mediate your communication with and inspiration from Spirit although we do designate clergy, ritual officiants, and facilitators at various times.

    • We believe in both feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine, called Goddess and God. We may use the names of Gods and Goddesses known throughout many cultures and times to connect with specific qualities of Divinity we wish to honor at different times, in a multicultural, diverse, and respectful way. Some of our members are polytheistic; others are atheist, mystic, spiritual, or monotheistic. We affirm the mystery that Divinity may be experienced, perceived, and honored in many forms, from personified deities to archetypes of humanity to a sense of oneness and more.

    • Our religious services take place in a circle, most often with an altar at the center. Seating is always available for those who need it, although those without mobility issues may be asked to stand, move, dance, sit, or more, as the ritual requires.

    • Living Earth rituals often include chant, song, poetry, crafts, drumming, and music.

    • We utilize, honor, and connect with the energies of nature. Timing with the solar and lunar cycles feels right to us, so we offer Full Moon circles as well as Sabbats, which take place on the solstices, equinoxes, and halfway between each.

    • We are an open church, meaning we are not a closed membership organization where an invitation is required to participate. Anyone who would like to attend may do so as long as they are respectful and appropriate. We do not require members to attend with any frequency or declare membership status to attend our rites or participate in any way.

    • There are no pre-requisite requirements for ceremonial experience, clergy training, or initiatory status to join Living Earth Church, or participate in most Living Earth open events and rituals.

    • Those who feel called to service will find many volunteer opportunities.

    • Ministerial duties are handled by ordained Clergy.

    • All our ceremonies, workshops, and other events are posted at www.meetup.com/livingearth. It is free to join, although supporting membership dues, donations, and volunteer time are gratefully accepted. Tuition may be charged for classes.

    • During COVID-19 related restrictions and social distancing, many of our rituals are offered online through Zoom. We may have occasional, highly socially distanced outdoor events when permitted and appropriate.

At Our Full Moon Ceremonies

Living Earth holds many religious services outdoors at public parks so that we can enjoy nature. We also meet at a home especially during colder months.

Our Full Moon Ceremonies are held within two days of the full moon. We usually have these ceremonies outdoors when weather allows. Parks such as Daniels Park, Dupont Park, Babi Yar Park are ones we use often, to name a few. Because these ceremonies are in the evening and often on "school nights," children aren't always present at these rituals but are always welcome. Feel free to bring a small snack or beverage to share and dress for the weather.

Sabbat Ceremonies

Our Sabbat Ceremonies are the 8 solar holidays each year: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, and Samhain. They are the two solstices, two equinoxes, and the four points halfway between each solstice and equinox. We usually hold these ceremonies on the Saturday or Sunday closest to the Sabbat. We begin with some open time for socializing, with a ceremony beginning in the late afternoon. A relaxed and fun potluck dinner usually follows. Because of this schedule, many more families and people of all ages attend. We strive for these ceremonies to be accessible, engaging, and meaningful while keeping in mind that children of young ages don't always have the best attention spans.

Samhain is the only sabbat we hold differently. Due to serious grown-up topics, potential for very cold weather, and the late hour, this is for ages 16 and up. It is held in the evening and runs late, with a traditional bonfire in the Pike National Forest if fire restrictions are not in place. There is no potluck at Samhain due to the location and logistics.


We also invite you to be a part of our classes and workshops. This is one of the most unique and wonderful aspects of Living Earth, and a great opportunity to learn, share, and grow in your spiritual path and leadership skills. During COVID-19 social distancing we are offering all classes remotely, through Zoom.