Guiding Principles: A Statement of Beliefs

Living Earth Guiding Principles

- A Statement of Beliefs and Values -

Draft 12/2014

Living Earth Church is based on the understanding that the earth is alive and all life is sacred and connected. As an evolving spiritual community we honor the Goddess and God as immanent in the earth’s cycles and are creating traditions which honor nature in the wild and in the human community. 

Our practices evolve from a deep spiritual connection to the earth, positive personal evolution and enrichment, healing, and growth through neo-Pagan community ritual. Our rituals are participatory and ecstatic, celebrating the cycles of the seasons and our lives.

With the understanding that each of us embodies the divine we are an inclusive community which embraces diversity. The Living Earth Community honors intellectual, spiritual and creative freedom, personal and collective empowerment and encourages an attitude of wonder and discovery through the world renewing work of service, ceremony, and action. We honor the ultimate spiritual authority which comes from within and strive to teach by example and learn through action and service to Earth and community.

If you find much of the wording of our Statement of Belief to be familiar to you, you're right! It has its roots in the Reclaiming Tradition and was one source we drew upon as we clarified and named our beliefs.