Cornerstones of Community

These cornerstones are evolving as a part of the core philosophy of Living Earth and many other organizations that embrace them. They originally evolved within the Diana’s Grove Mystery School Community. As we work with them and learn from them we recognize their interconnectedness, that none stands alone and all support each other, creating together the framework for healthy and sustainable community. Looking for Living Earth's long version of the Cornerstones? Click Here. Or go to and go to More --> Files. - NOT WORKING


We are all beings with choice. I have a choice about how I respond in all situations. I have the freedom to choose how I perceive my experience of the world around me, how I focus my awareness and how I communicate and interact with others. When I recognize the power of choice I embrace full responsibility for my reality.

Thinking Well of Self

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are affect how we feel and influence our experience in all our interactions. Bringing awareness to my self-talk creates the opportunity to practice self-compassion and understanding. Thinking well of self is an invitation to build relationships on the truth that I am a worthwhile being in the process of becoming whole and so is everyone else.

Thinking Well of Others

The stories we tell ourselves about other people and the situations we encounter effect not only our experience, but also influence the experience of those with whom we are relating. This cornerstone invites me to recognize the direct impact my thoughts, feelings and beliefs about others have on our thought fields and emotional reality as we interact. When I think well of others, I remember their best intentions and meet them with my heart and mind curious and open to interacting in a way that is most mutually life-giving to each of us. When I choose to engage in a positive, authentic way, I can contribute to the healthy process of groups with clear and compassionate communication.

Stewardship of Self

Stewardship of self asks us to identify and be dedicated to our deepest calling; to recognize that there is something within us that does not belong only to us. I am responsible for bringing forth my gifts and talents, for recognizing what I was born to contribute to my community. When I seek that which is seeking me, following the dreams of my heart, I am acting as steward to the part of me that is needed in the world.

Sacred Wound

In our shared humanity we all experience wounding. This cornerstone is the understanding that all cycles of transformation and change begin with a wounding. My individual wounds are a part of who I am and shape my unique vision of the world. My wounding becomes sacred when I am willing to release my old stories and discover the gifts the wound contains. Embracing a wound as sacred is the power to heal and create new patterns in my life. Choosing to open this door to my own healing in a supportive community empowers the transformational processes of those in the group with me.

Relentless Support of the Sacred Made Manifest

When we open to divine source and serve our community from that connection, that very real work of our hearts and hands becomes the sacred made manifest. Through our service to each other we deepen our connection with what is sacred to us. By giving our relentless support to the sacred in our everyday lives, we are stepping into service to something greater than ourselves. We impact not only ourselves and each other, but our communities, our world, our universe.