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If you're new to Living Earth and attending an Earth-based ceremony for the first time, you can find the most essential parts of our documentation in one place: 

Living Earth Welcome Packet

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Beltania: Our nationally known MusicFest camping retreat and festival

Handfastings, Weddings, Memorial Services

Organization of the Church 

Leadership Handbook

Official Living Earth Documents (including Constitution and Bylaws, Annual and Other Reports)

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What Is Paganism?

Our History and Future

What began as a women's circle is now something much different! Begun with roots in Reclaiming and eclectic Wicca, Living Earth probably has more people that call themselves "flexitheists" than not. We're moving towards eco-consciousness; striving towards kindness, understanding, and growth; living in service to Mother Earth and to all Her beings; and embracing the principles of healthy community. We are a place for spiritual seekers who want a small group, not a large church experience.

We are open and welcoming to diversity in all its forms.

We began as just a couple people in Highlands Ranch is now a group of people from all over the Denver metro and Front Range area. Now we have at least 2-4 meetings a month including ceremonies, service opportunities, workshops, classes, and meetings. Hundreds of people attend Beltania, our annual festival at La Foret Conference and Retreat Center in Colorado Springs.