Mission and Priorities

Mission: Living Earth's mission is to create a visible, easily accessible, positive Earth-centered spiritual service community in Denver. 

To accomplish our mission, we have established these program priorities. 

·        Ceremony - Our first and foremost priority is to offer ceremonies and activities that are welcoming and accessible, to connect with the Earth, with the Divine, and with each other. The core of our regular services are the free and open ceremonies on the full moon and the 8 solar holidays (sabbats) each year. 

·        Community - Our regular religious services are enhanced by many other rituals, fellowship events, classes, festivals, and workshops. We have a potluck after each sabbat.

·        Advocacy - As a church and nonprofit organization, we are happy to share information with the public about religions and spiritual paths many people are still unfamiliar with to dispel stereotypes and misinformation. However, we do not proselytize. 

·        Service – Serving our community and our planet is primary to Living Earth.