Our Facility

6000 E Evans Ave, Building 3 Suite 009, Denver CO 80222
Living Earth ceremonies, meetings, worship services, and other events are open to everyone. To join as a member please RSVP using this link: http://www.meetup.com/livingearth

Can Other Groups or Individuals Use Living Earth Center?
Yes! Our aim is to provide a community center space for all to feel welcomed. Living Earth Center has some availability for outside groups and private rentals despite a busy schedule. 

Facilities Available
We are a fantastic venue for Pagan and non-Pagan events such as meetings, ceremonies, small concerts, and more.  We have 40 chairs and 12 tables, as well as some AV equipment and food/beverage equipment. Coffee and tea as well as sodas and bottled water are available by donation on the honor system. The Sanctuary room is about 1100 square feet and is neutrally decorated in a way that could be used by any nature-reverent group and has no identifying organization signage or tradition-specific tools or decorations on display. The Library is about 400 square feet and has many Pagan and other spiritual books as well as Living Earth supplies, literature, and decorations on display. If extra chairs are rented, it can hold over 100 people with auditorium style seating, or 45 people in a circle.

When It's Available
View our Calendar page by clicking the link in the above menu, and find a day and time that does not have something already scheduled. Recurring events are welcomed. 

Living Earth Center is free to use if: 1) it is for a community-oriented, open and public, free event run by an individual or nonprofit and 2) You can arrive for setup between 6am-6pm on a weekday or before 12 noon on a Saturday. 

For after-hours events requiring someone come open the outer building doors for you, or for private group events or those that charge a fee, rates are $39 for a 3 hour block and $10 per hour thereafter. Alternately you can book the entire day for $75. Concerts, weddings, and other for-profit events have different pricing, please email for details.

How To Book
Once you've checked our calendar and found a day and time, contact joy@livingearthcolorado.org to book. Payment can be made in person via cash or check, or through Paypal or Donate button on the Supporting Membership page. We will then meet you in person to tour the facility and arrange for opening/closing/keys.