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Welcome to Living Earth Church!

Living Earth is a small church sharing spiritual philosophies and practices of the modern eco-spiritual path and Earth Religions movement. In the Living Earth tradition we celebrate the seasons and grow together in a supportive, egalitarian, casual environment. We are a family-friendly and welcoming group of community-minded spiritual seekers, including those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious, Earth-based, eco-conscious, pagan, humanist, New Age or metaphysical, shamanic, or who simply choose not to define their creative, open spiritual path. While we have different beliefs, our universal desire is to share in community and support each other as we honor the sacred Earth.

We meet in public parks throughout the summer, have camping events, and meet at a house in Denver. Our annual festival is held at a retreat center near Colorado Springs.

Interested in attending any of these services or events? Please Join Our Meetup Website and RSVP

Connecting Spiritually
With the Divine 
With the Earth 
With Each Other 

Ongoing Spiritual Services 
  • Earth ceremony on the Solstices, Equinoxes, and cross-Quarter days
  • Full Moon ceremonies 
  • New Moon ceremonies
Classes, Workshops, and Fellowship Events
  • Annual Retreat and Festival: Beltania
  • Drum, Chant, and Song Circles 
  • Camping events and Potlucks
  • 'Crone's Tea' for women elders
  • Spiritual Classes
  • occasional retreats and other events
Charitable Giving and Service Projects
  • on-call elder assistance
  • "Random Acts of Kindness" alerts
  • Volunteer Workdays for community service
  • hospital visits, prayer chains, and variety of services for those who are ill
  • Financial support and fundraisers for other like-minded spiritual nonprofits
  • Park cleanup
  • We have plans to sponsor other volunteer projects around caring for our planet. Stay tuned!