Living Earth is run by 100% volunteer efforts. Please contribute alongside your fellow members today to help your church provide year-round services. 

Monthly Auto-Donation

Make a One-Time Donation 

For Optional Annual Dues or any other 1-time donation.

$30 suggested minimum to be a Contributing Member, or $60 per year to be a Supporting Member. Or, choose another amount.

Meetup Member: $20 per year voluntary and optional annual dues.

Contributing Member: $30 per year annual dues or more.

Supporting Member:
Tithing at $5/month (or $60/yr) or more, you will be a Supporting Member.
At the $40/month level or higher, you'll get complimentary admission to the next year's Beltania festival.

Don't want to donate online? Drop off in person at any Living Earth service or event via the donation jar. 

Want to help in other ways?  Learn More about How to Make a Difference and Get Involved.